CRO & Vendor Selection Expert,
Business consultant in the Clinical Research Industry

You may ask yourself:

Which CRO offer serves my study needs?
Why is there massive difference between the offers of service providers?
Why are the study start-up costs double at one service provider in comparison to the other ones?

Let me answer these and

other important questions for you!

I support biotech and pharma companies in selecting their contract research organization (CRO) for their next study.

Did you know,
that a full-service CRO budget template for a global study can have over 8 000 line items? The service providers summarize these values and group them in an excel table with one tab to make it transparent and comparable.
The question comes up: what is behind a line item in the bid grid?
I'll help you to find out.
Some turn to me because they don’t have enough time as the RFP (request for proposal) process is on the top of their everyday work; and some because they need the expertise from a consultant to select their CRO professionally.

About Me

I have created over 1.000 budget proposals in all therapeutic fields from phase I to IV.

As a business developer at different CROs, I led over 100 bid defence meetings, supported the negotiation of a high number of contracts and numerous master service agreements.

Work experience in summary

I have been working 18 years in clinical research, over 14 years customer-facing roles, I co-created and reviewed over thousand solution proposals and clinical study budgets, led global teams in the proposal phase and bid defence meetings. I also worked with small biotech companies, co-generated new operational and pricing models for this segment of the market, supported the planning of the clinical start of different compounds.

I achieved sales targets above 50M Euros by selling full service and functional resourcing services, in all phases of clinical development, held a vast number of capability and strategic solution presentations.

Account management of (big) Pharma companies belongs also to my experience, I established strategic relationships and supported the creation of governance structures.

I have established two CRO affiliates with work processes, hired, trained and led operational teams and admin personal.

Nora Gedeon

This is what clients say about me:

Nora was tremendous help when planning our clinical trial budget and needed to reach out to service providers. She provided excellent, quick and efficient support exactly when we needed.

P. N. CEO, small Pharma


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Exceptional Sales Achievement,
Global Customer Management



Exceptional Sales Achievement,
Global Customer Management



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